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Cooke Tavern Soups
All Natural and Hand packed using high quality air and freeze dried vegetables, herbs and spices. Corn
Chowder and Sherried Mushroom are two of the most popular flavors. Vegetarian Recipes included.
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Doral International
Importer and Distributor of Italian Specialty Food and Confections. La Favorita gourmet sauces, pestos,
salsas, artichokes, tomatoes and truffles, olive creams, olives, stuffed hot peppers, polenta, truffles and porcini
mushrooms, onions in balsamic, capers in salt, walnut cream, chestnuts in syrup. Spinosi Pasta egg pasta,
Felcetti Organic Pasta. Frantoio Olive Oil, Montevertine Olive Oil and Vinegar. Truffle Specailties by T & C.
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Galardi Olive Oil
The Extra virgin Olive Oil from the Fattoria di Poggiopiano is produced exclusively from the olives picked in the farm's olive groves from Organic Agricolture.
In November, when the colour varies from green to light violet the olives are picked directly from the trees one by one. In order to protect the fruit fully, they are then laid out in small boxes to avoid bruising or damage to the olive skins, this in turn favours a fuller, faster and safer oxidisation of the oil contained in the olive. Only a few hours later the freshly picked olives are taken directly to the olive press, arriving in conditions essential to guaranteeing an oil, which has a fruity aroma and characteristic fresh olive taste.
The Extra virgin Olive Oil from the Fattoria di Poggiopiano is an "olive juice" in the real sense of the word, absolutely pure with no additives and naturally rich of antioxidants.

Il Mulino
High-end pasta sauces from the famed Il Molino Italian Restaurant in New York City. #1 Italian Pasta Sauces-the best sauces we have ever tasted! And now they offer a hi-end gourmet salts of Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, Fleur de Sel Sea Salt, Hiwa Kai Sea Salt and Murray River Salt.

Jenkin's Jellies
Gluten free and vegan pepper jellies: Hell Fire, Passion (fruit) Fire, Fiery Fig, and Guava Brava. A blend of 7 fresh peppers gives this pepper jelly a REAL KICK! This line is also sold by Dean & Deluca.


New Canaan Farms
For over 20 years we've been pleasing taste buds all over the planet. Inside every item we offer - whether it's a jam, jelly, salsa or dip mix - you'll find the freshest, most flavorful ingredients. It's the kind of quality that people have come to expect from us. And the kind of taste you'd expect from a place that offers the best of Texas.
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Pacifica Culinaria
A premier line of avocado oils. With avocado oils’ high flash point these oils are great for grilling and frying. They also stand alone for use as dressings. Line also includes vinegars, agave syrups and spicy green beans. Heart Healthy Avocado Oils infused with natural flavors, Balsamic and Champagne Vinegars and Agave Syrup. Try the Black Currant Agave Cosmopolitan.

Pepper Creek Farms
Pepper Creek Farms turns farm-fresh vegetables into outstanding condiments (salsas, relishes, jellies, pickles and more) that win kudos from loyal customers and the food industry. One taste of their Red Pepper and Carrot Relish and you will know why.

Santa Barbara Bar
Nutritional functionality meets great taste and texture. Santa Barbara Bar offers a selection of delicious bars in flavors that are masterfully crafted and loved by all age groups. If you like coconut you need to try our Coconut Almond bar. We all know the health benefits of coconut, almonds, pumpkin seeds, dates, and chia seeds, but the flavor of this bar is what will get you hooked. The Coconut Almond bar contains no soy products, no refined sugar, and is GMO free. This flavorful combination of our Peanut Cherry Chocolate bar is an interplay between the slightly salty taste of the peanuts and the semi sweet taste of the dark chocolate chips and dark cherries. And think of all the health benefits you will gain from the antioxidants in the dark cherries and the dark chocolate chips. The idea of the Cranberry White Chocolate bar was inspired by the taste and texture balance of the cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and almonds combined with the semi sweet white chocolate chips. This bar gives you the sensation of eating a candy bar, but without any of the guilt.

Twelve Oaks
Since 1979 Twelve Oaks has been offering unique recipes using the freshest Texas grown ingredients. All of their delicious products, jams, sauces and salsas are made from scratch from 20 year old New Canaan Farms. Pepper Jelly is a year round favorite. Seasonal Specialties, Pumpkin Butter and Cranberry Chutney.

Yaya Imports
Fine Foods, Ceramics and Cookware from Spain. This importer carries everything Spanish from Marcona Almonds to Seafood, Cheeses and Meats. The tuna is amazing, as are the sherry vinegars. Featuring Saffron, Smoked Paprika, Paella Rice, Olive Oil, Olives, Vinegars, Serrano Ham, Turron and Chocolate.

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