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Anis d’Flavigny
Hard candies with an anise seed in the center made in a former abbey in the village in Burgundy, France not
far from Dijon. The box lids have charming illustrations from engravings found in the Abbey’s archives. From
Noble Ingredients – France.

Antiqua Torroneria Piemontese
Torrone handmade with only with the finest ingredients. From Doral International.

Amella Caramels
Amella Cocoa Butter Caramels are made from scratch with superior ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. Our original caramel is hand made with raw blue agave nectar in place of corn syrup. Then it is smothered in creamy milk chocolate. The secret ingredient to our new Agave Caramel is pure cocoa butter. It helps create a unique consistency, like a caramel and truffle hybrid. Lastly, we sprinkle them with Sel Gris, a high mineral content sea salt hand harvested off the coast of Brittany, France. Your taste buds will find the silky texture and decadent flavor impossible to resist.

Since 1797 Amatller has been crafting Chocolate with an emphasis on purity, tradition, art and flavor. From
Yaya Imports – Spain.

Candy People
Candy People is a market leader in Scandinavian confectionery. Candy People has been in operation since 1980 and is currently sold in over 30 countries. Pick & Mix Candy. Candy People is a One-Stop-Shop! Candy People is founded on the principle, “Tasting is Believing” and “Enjoying the Sweetness of Life.”. All Candy People confection is Free of High Fructose Corn Syrup, Trans Fats, and GMOs.
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Luxurious Chocolates and Confections from New York City. Named after Maribel Lieberman, designer and founder, the chocolates resemble semiprecious jewels as displayed in their beautiful boxes with a timeless style that feels both classic and contemporary. These luscious morsels are handmade with only the finest single-origin cacao and have a rich, complex flavor not commonly found.

Noble Ingredients - Michel Cluizel
Importers of Michel Cluizel premium confections from France. Michel Cluizel’s chocolate factory is one of the world’s few cocoa bean transformers and considered to be one of the best chocolates in the world. Cluizel produces a wide variety of chocolate products and other confections, including bars, ganache, bonbons and caramels.

Pepper Creek Farms
Give your cup cakes color, your cookies crunch and your cakes joie de vive. Seasonal sprinkles and sugars come in every color of the rainbow and are fun and festive for kids of all ages.

Slitti Chocolate
2008 Best Italian Chocolate Maker. From Doral International.
SLITTI_SpoonsSLITTI__300_dark_discsc14_54 gran cacao

Taza Chocolate
Stone ground organic chocolate from bean to bar. Following Mexican chocolate traditions, granite millstones are used to grind cacao into rustic dark chocolate that bursts with bright, bold flavor and texture. This line includes bars chocolate covered nuts and nibs, roasted nibs, baking chocolate and chocolate extract.
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Venchi Spa
In business since 1878. This fine Italian Company uses only Natural Ingredients. Chocolate Cigars are a
favorite. From Doral International.

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