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Il Mulino
High-end coffee from the famed Il Molino Italian Restaurant in New York City.
Caffe House Roast - This full-bodied Italian roast is a beautiful way to start your morning. A nutty blend of 80% Arabica beans and 20% Robusta beans, our signature house roast brings you smooth satisfaction and refined pleasure with every sip.
Caffe Espresso - Known simply as café in Italy, our robust espresso is the perfect aperetivo after any meal. Its nutty, complex flavor will transport you to Abuzzi-Molise, the central Italian region that inspired this brew.
Caffe Decaffeinato - Our full-flavored decaffeinato Italian roast is the perfect end to any evening. We ensure that only the caffeine is removed from your nightly cup-never the flavor.

A selection of fine loose teas including the best selling Chocolate Rose Tea & Columbian Coffee.
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Noble Ingredients - Michel Cluizel
Signature Hot Chocolate in Silver Milk Tin.
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Palais des Ths
In 1987 Le Palais des Thés was founded with a simple idea: to help people discover the rich world of tea and introduce them to its many pleasures. For over 25 years, they have been committed to bringing you the freshest and most exceptional teas from China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka… and Paris where their signature flavored teas are created. Direct from Paris, their teas, fine and rare, the best from around the world, come loose in pouches, canisters or muslin tea bags. They also carry gift sets, tea ware and candles. Everything about this company is excellent.
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Pepper Creek Farms
Cocktail Mixes shaken or stirred, straight up or on the rocks, just add one of our cocktail mixers to your favorite alcohol and get ready for perfection.
Cocoa Mixes & Spices - When the temperature turns cold, warm up with the crème de la crème of gourmet cocoas. Rich, creamy & delicious.

Sonoma Syrup
American syrups and extracts handcrafted in small batches. The syrups are for use in cocktails, beverages, baking and as toppings. The extracts are non-alcoholic.
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Te Tea
Rare, handpicked, pure ultra-premium whole leaf teas. Loose teas, pyramid tea bags, organic teas, blooming teas and tea ware, featuring exquisite, handcrafted Yixing tea are imported directly from China. Organic White Teas Available.

Yaya Imports
Direct from the Street Cafes in Catalonia Spain, Torrefacto Coffee. Chamomile, Chamomile – Anise, and Linden Teas.

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